Religious, Secular, Gay, Straight, Left-Wing, Hawkish Israelis Gather for Unusual Conference to Demand One Thing: FreedomWorks TheBlaze
JAFFA, Israel (TheBlaze) — Supporters of Israel’s Freedom Movement gathered in a theater that on all other days stages shows featuring deaf and blind actors, a powerful metaphor for the challenge they too face – promoting their libertarian aspirations in a country where the slogan “social justice” carries the day.

Hundreds of Israelis met up Thursday to hear ideas that locally are considered so radical they’re almost never heard in the Israeli mainstream media: Should strict gun control be loosened? Should the Israel Defense Forces – and the mandatory draft – be replaced by a professional army? Should marijuana be legalized? How to get the government to sell some of the 97 percent of land it owns? How to loosen crippling government regulations, monopolies and labor union control? How to institute civil marriage in a country where interfaith couples – not to mention same-sex couples – can’t get a marriage license.

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