The Israel Freedom Movement, along with the Ayn Rand Center, the Israeli Movement for a Voluntary and Professional Army, and Freedom Students’ groups from around the country invite you to the first Israel Freedom Conference.

Panel contributors will include Prof. Russ Roberts, Prof. Omer Moav of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Minister of Transportation Israel Katz and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin among other key free markets advocates from Israeli politics, academia, business world and media.

Join us in celebrating the year’s achievements towards greater individual rights and freer markets in Israel. Panels and discussions will take place to discuss relevant topics.


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Moti Heinrich: “In memory of Ezra Zohar”.

Panel 1: “The Tragedy of Good Intentions”. A discussion on the destructive outcomes of well-intended legislation.

Minister of Transportation, Yisrael Katz: Greetings and a talk about “Opening up the market to competition”.

Professor Omer Moav Professor Russ Roberts, “Why I am a Classical Liberal” (in English)

Greetings from MK and Deputy Speaker of Knesset, Moshe Feiglin

Panel 2: “From Servitude to freedom”. A discussion about the efforts and setbacks in pursuing freedom and individual rights in Israel.

Screening of the Documentary, “Occupy Rothschild” with a Q&A session with the Director, Yaniv Manos. The documentary follows the events leading up to and including the tent protests in 2011.

Here is a link to the trailer here:

Daniel Doron, Amir Weitmann, Zeev Golan, Dr Amir Shani, Ori Katz, Yaron Lerman, Dr Ran Baratz, Boaz Arad, Dr Avi Nov, Moti Heinrich, Gilad Alper, Eran Bar-Tal, Rotem Sela, Prof. Liora Katzenstein, and others are coming… what about you?

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Payment is voluntary and can be done in several ways. All contributions to the cause of freedom in Israel are more than welcome!

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