Freedom movement aim is to promote personal and economic freedom in Israel.

The Israeli Freedom Movement is a non-partisan activist movement, working towards a fundamental cultural shift in Israel by spreading the ideas of freedom among the Israeli public. Our ranks are open to all Israelis who want to promote economic and personal freedoms for all, without regard to ethnicity, religion or gender. From now on free people in Israel have a home.

About The Israeli Freedom Movment (Boaz Arad at Israel New Channel 7)


ISRAELI  FREEDOM MOVEMENT – Meeting with FreedomWorks Kosher Tea

The aim of our movement is to promote personal and economic freedom in Israel.

Our Founding Conference took place on September 8, at Beit Hasofer, 6 Kaplan st., Tel Aviv – For more Information:  [email protected] 


Friends of Kav Yashar and Anochi, Israeli Libertarians movement, The Movement for Voluntary Military Service in Israel, and any freedom-loving Israelis and guests.


Moti Heinrich, editor at Kav Yashar: "The cottage-cheese revolt – let the consumer set the price".

Yaron Lerman, The Movement for Voluntary Military Service in Israel: "Caesarea Forum – The Generals vs civil society".

Amir Weitmann, investment consultant and columnist: "Fighting crime through drug legalization".Dr. Avi Nov, Adv., an expert in Israeli Tax & international tax law: "Taxes and cost of living in Israel".

Boaz Arad, editor at Anochi, media relations for the Israeli Freedom Movement: "What we learned from the 'tent protests'".