Israel Freedom Conference

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The Israel Freedom Movement, along with the Ayn Rand Center, the Israeli Movement for a Voluntary and Professional Army, and Freedom Students’ groups from around the country invite you to the first Israel Freedom Conference. Panel contributors will include Prof. Russ Roberts, Prof. Omer Moav of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Minister of Transportation Israel Katz and Deputy Speaker of …


VIDEO: RUSS ROBERTS How to Talk About Liberty

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  Russell Roberts is a professor of economics at the George Mason University Mercatus Center. Roberts founded and directed the Management Center (now the Center for Experiential Learning) at the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis. Roberts is a regular commentator on business and economics for National Public Radio's Morning Edition, and has written …


On – Israelis Commemorate the Victims of Communism

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 Read on NDTV site Report by Aviva Marlene Grunpteter, NTD Israel   On May 1st in Tel Aviv, dozens of activists from the Israeli Liberal Movement honored the millions of victims who have died under communist regimes around the world since the October Revolution in the Soviet Union – when the communist party first gained power.   A prominent poster …


Interview with Boaz Arad on the Israeli Freedom Movement

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Boaz Arad is a founder of and spokesman for the Israeli Freedom Movement, and the founder and publisher of the Israeli magazine and website Anochi, which is dedicated to the advancement of Objectivism. He has served on the editorial board at the Hebrew version of Business Week, authored a weekly column in the Israeli daily Makor Rishon, and worked as a research fellow …


Demonstrators: End Mandatory IDF Service

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Read and Talk on Arutz 7 News Several days after the Tal Law for religious exemptions from the IDFwas deemed illegal by the Supreme Court, members of the New Liberal Movement and the Movement for a Professional Army held a demonstration in Tel Aviv, in which they offered an alternative which might please all sides: turning the IDF into a professional volunteer army. …



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Israeli libertarians lobby against big government. Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | Ryan Jones In the days following the summer's "social justice" demonstrations in Israel, the newly formed Israeli Freedom Movement (known in Hebrew as the New Liberal Movement) is finding traction amongst those of a free market and libertarian mindset. The social justice movement – which was protesting the out-of-control …


Meet the Israeli ‘Tea Party’ Promoting Free Market Ideas in Uncharted Territory – THE BLAZE

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Tea is often best served with honey, so it’s fitting that the first major legal battle Israel’s Tea-Party-equivalent has taken on is against the government’s not-so-sweet regulations on selling and cultivating honey. Almost every aspect of the economy is highly regulated and taxed in Israel. So what’s a free market proponent to do? Members of the Israeli Freedom Movement – …